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Quilt made with AccuQuilt Kite Die
Enjoying sewing

Let me share a little about me . . .

I have always been into crafting. Making things with my hands is just in my blood. Over the years I’ve learned about photography, writing, crochet, acrylic painting, stain-glass and last but not least, quilting.

I am a Christian, wife, mother, grandmother, animal lover and passionate quilter.  There’s so many wonderful videos, books, classes and products available to quilters these days and it is my hope to talk about and share the joy all of it has given me.

Life experiences can be carried into quilting.  Nature helps with ideas for colors, learning the art of practice with an instrument or sport can carry over into continued practice with sewing and techniques.  I’m thankful that I am at an age that allows me to spend time doing something I love!  

I hope you will follow my blog and feel free to comment.  Thanks for stopping by!




Some of my sewing projects . . .

Curved Die made by AccuQuilt
Curved piecing

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Blocks made with AccuQuilt dies
Snowball and star quilt made with AccuQuilt dies.
Accuquilt Kite Die
Table runner made with AccuQuilt kite die.
Curved Die made by AccuQuilt
Curved piecing

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