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February’s Block Of The Month Blocks for 2021

Bee’s Knees Block – The Bonnie & Camille Quilt Bee

Today I completed my current blocks for the two Block of the month (BOM) quilts I’m participating in at my local quilt shop. I wrote about block of the month programs last month, “Have You Joined A Block-of-the-Mouth for 2021?.”

I have a bad habit of waiting till the last minute and then hurrying to get them done.

Unfortunately, when I hurry like that I find myself ripping out more and/or cutting things incorrectly. And this just slows things down even more. I did make a cutting error and I had to come up with another fabric so I could complete my block. Have you ever experienced the same problems?

Stephanie Sampler Quilt Block #2

This one is full of flying geese and went together well except for my cutting my green fabric mistake. It worked out and the orange gives a pop of color.

Stephanie – Block #1 & #2

I love the blue fabrics that were used by the pattern creator and hope to do this pattern in similar fabrics at some time in the future.

Once done with my Stephanie block, I moved on the my Bonnie & Camille blocks.

Quilt Bee – Bonnie & Camille Block #2

The most challenging part of this block for me was making sure I kept all my pieces in the correct order when sewing them together. I used my 2 1/2 inch Accuquilt die to cut all my pieces which really helped.

2 1/2 inch Accuquilt Die
Lay out in progress of Block #2
Both Blocks Finished for BOM 2021

Did you join a Block of the Month? If so, please share what one you are doing and how you are liking it so far. I am looking forward to Block #3 now.

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