Quilt Pattern Beginnings.

Quilt Pattern Beginnings

Have you ever wondered how a quilt pattern begins? Have you struggled with the written directions?

Quilt Pattern
Quilt Pattern – Points to Stars and Diamonds

I started creating a row by row quilt in my Electric Quilt 8 (EQ8) program this past weekend. I have a group on Facebook, Accuquilt and Sewing She Shed and I would like to invite members to make this quilt using their qube dies or by rotary cutout. If you are wondering about this software, please see my post Creating With Electric Quilt 8 On Your Computer. EQ8 is where my quilt pattern begins.

If you are wondering about Accuquilt, please see my previous post March is National Craft Month – Let’s Talk AccuQuilt.

I wanted to start with something simple to begin with as I am still learning. I believe the software EQ8 is user friendly and I find it fun to manipulate blocks and color. However, now that I’ve created my quilt, I have to print out the different blocks and borders for cutting guides and the yardage figures.

Cut fabrics for Ohio star

Unfortunately, the program does not give detailed instructions on how to use the cuts and sew a block together.

This is where I come in as the quilt pattern creator. With all this being a new adventure for me, I am following the cutting guides on my first block and writing steps out as I go through each stage.

Pattern directions with clarity are important to me. Over the years, I have become very frustrated when I’ve purchased a pattern only to find that the designer wrote the directions poorly and they were hard to follow.

As I pick my fabrics and then cut them, I am making lots of notes.

Until having to write my own cutting and sewing instructions, I didn’t realize how challenging it can be to write clear and understandable sewing directions. However, I am up for the task!

I am excited that my first block row is complete and that I will be able to introduce my quilt to my Facebook group. Be sure to follow me for my future blog posts where I share my newest quilt pattern. You are also welcome to join my Facebook group too! Accuquilt and Sewing She Shed. Check back tomorrow for the first block/row post of Points to Stars and Diamonds.

Happy Sewing!


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