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Playing With The Block Layout On My Block Of The Month #3

Holiday Wishes Midnight clear

Today I’d like share my construction of Block #3 and block layout. It has been a couple of months since I posted about my block of the month. If you haven’t already, be sure to read my previous posts, Building A Quilt By Block Of The Month and Block of the Month #2 Block.

I received an email last week from my local quilt shop stating that my next two months are now available for pick up and need to be completed for the June exchange.

Playing with layout before completion.

Book instructions for Midnight Clear
Instructions for Block #3 of Midnight Clear

So here’s a diagram of the block I was sewing together today. It’s a variation of the Ohio Star block layout. Because I dislike ripping things out I’ve found a method that works well for me. When I am working on my block, I do my best to lay the various parts of the block out as a double check I am on the right path.

Partial construction Block #3
Partial construction of block #3

The above picture has most of the block pieces in place. What is missing is the flying geese parts. Here you can see the block layout forming. After I finished my flying geese, I decided to play with the layout of this block to see what I could come up with.

Play with the layout #1
My 1st rearrangement of block #3

My first rearrangement of the Ohio Star.

In this “play with the layout” I moved the flying geese from the middle area of the block out to the edge of the block. Now my “star” is not as visible. My eye is drawn to the green points going in each direction. I like this layout and think it would make a nice block in a quilt.

Play with the layout #2
2nd rearrangement of block #3

In this layout, I am still only moving the flying geese part. However, now I’ve flipped it and the white merges with the piece next to it to look like an arrow. The star transform to look more like a cross in this layout. The white that makes a border on the edge has a bit of a break up with the green on the edge, however, the white is still carrying through on the outer area.

Play with the layout #4
3rd rearrangement of block #3

This time I put the flying geese back towards the center and I’ve flipped all four corners. The green diamonds stand out the most with this layout. Not sure if I like this layout or not. I would have to sew it all together to see if my eyes could rest easier when looking at it.

Play with the layout #3
4th rearrangement of block #3

The only movement is the corner pieces. The “L” shape of the white is now pointing towards the middle. When I look at the block layout, again I notice the green diamonds first and then my eyes catch the red that is in the block. This block layout is easier for my eyes to rest then the layout above.

Play with the layout #4
5th layout of block #3

This block layout is very comfortable on my eyes. My eye is drawn to the center where it has a square with in a square. My change this time, from the above layout is the flip in direction of the flying geese.

Play with the Layout #5
The finished block #3

The finished #3 Block layout from the book.

And here is the finished block for my quilt. I think this one looks the best!

Holiday Wishes Midnight Clear Pattern
My first three blocks of Midnight Clear from Holiday Wishes

I’m happy to have three of my blocks complete for my quilt. It was fun playing with the layout before sewing it together. Doing this has given me some ideas. I think it would be fun to make a quilt with one block that’s been rearranged into different layouts. Also, changing the fabric layout could give each block a different look.

If you are interested in the quilt I’m making, the book Holiday Wishes is available through Amazon and The Fat Quarter Shop.

Do you have a favorite from the above layouts? Let me know which one you liked best. Well in closing, I’d like to wish each of you a blessed day!


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