Make a Face Mask Using the AccuQuilt Tumbler Die

Accuquilt Tumbler Die
Face Mask made by 6 1/2 Accuquilt Tumbler Die

Learn to make a face mask using the AccuQuilt 6 1/2 inch Tumbler die #55020.

When AccuQuilt first released it’s mask dies, I decided to keep doing face masks by either using my paper template or to cut the 9 x 6 rectangles for my masks.  However, now that I’ve made about 250 masks on my own, I am looking for more efficient ways to cut and sew my masks.  I was very happy to see that the shape of the large tumbler die is much like that of some of the paper templates I’ve been cutting out for masks.  I also like that when there’s not a need to make masks any longer, my die will not sit some where collecting dust.   I will still have a usable die for making quilts.

So to make a face mask this way, you will need either the Go cutter or the Go Big cutter along with the AccuQuilt 6 1/2 inch Tumbler die #55020.

Face mask tumblers
Two front tumblers and two back tumblers

Pick your front and back fabric and cut two of each for one mask.  I have tried to make it easier for people to tell what is the front and what is the back by having a pattern of some kind on the front pieces and a solid on the back.  (It is OK if you do not have fabrics that are different.)

Large end of Accuquilt tumbler
Sew a 1/4 inch seam on large end of tumbler

Place your front two piece right sides together.

Then sew a 1/4 inch seam down the bottom or large end of the tumbler.  Do the same with the back two pieces.

Tumblers sewn together
Front and back sewn piece

Use your iron and press your seams open.  Do this to your front and back pieces. 

Tumblers pressed open
Press seam open on tumblers

I decided I wanted the face mask to be more form fitting so I fold the fabric putting the right sides together.  Working at the seam, I measure 2 inches down the seam and make a mark.  I do this from one end and then the other.  Then on what would be a top and bottom, I measure 1 inch away from the seam and make a mark.

Insert darts
Measuring for dart

Next I use my ruler to draw a line to connect the two marks and then I sew down the line.  This is your dart.  Do this to the top and bottom of your front and back pieces.

Tumbler with darts sewn in
Darts sewn and cutting excess off

After each dart is sewn, cut away the excess fabric leaving a 1/4. inch seam. Your pieces should look like this.

Now you can finger press these seams open or use an iron to press them open.

Pinning the front and back pieces right sides together

Take your front and back pieces and pin them together with right sides facing one another and lining up the seams for sewing.  (Wrong sides facing out.)

I pin the top and bottom of the seam and then each end trying line up all the edges before sewing.

At this point, you can sew this up one of two ways.  You can sew the top and bottom together and leave the ends open and turn your face mask or you can sew all around leaving a small opening on one end so you can turn the mask.  I left a small opening for turning

(If you leave the ends open, then after turning right side out you will fold ends in and place elastic at each end and sew up.)

After turning right side out you can press the mask edges down.  I fold in the opening and sew all along the edge of the entire mask.  Once I’ve completed that I take one end and fold over and sew down.  Then I do the same to the other end.  (this is where we will feed elastic through)

My elastic is 7 inches long.  You will need two, one for each side.  Find a small head safety pin and stick it through one end of the elastic.  Then feed it through your side channel.

I take the two ends and sew them together securely by going back and forwards several times.

Now pull the sewn end of elastic down into the channel so it is out of site.  Repeat the elastic steps on the other end.

After elastic is in channel, I sew another row down for added security.  Remember, this is an area that will be pulled on a lot as the face mask is put on and taken off the face.

Now your mask is complete.  I recommend to everyone I provide a mask that they wash and dry before using.

So, there you have it.  How to make a face mask using the AccuQuilt Tumbler Die.

I have found that this is a large face mask. For a person with a small face, the darts may need to be larger/longer to help keep the mask out of the eye area and the elastic may need to be decreased in length to 6 3/4 or shorter.

I know that many of us are mass making face masks and don’t have each person near us to make adjustments.

Be sure to check out my other posts concerning face mask bands.

*Please note that the CDC does not consider homemade masks personal protective equipment (PPE) and will only be used by professionals as mask covers or when no other alternative is available.

Happy Sewing!

As always, thanks for stopping by my blog today.


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