Quilts And Antique Shops

Pin wheel and Crazy Quilt

When you live in the northeast and it’s winter, the days can be cold and gloomy. So, when a beautiful sunny day appears, it’s wonderful to get out and take a ride in the sunshine. My hubby and I decided to take a trip over to a near by town and stroll through an antique store.

Believe it or not, antique stores are a fun place to look at quilts and find vintage sewing items. I am always on the hunt for that elusive unicorn. No, I didn’t find any featherweight sewing machines or tables today. Not even a Singer oil can but I did see several quilts, buttons and beautiful crochet edge pillow cases.

One of the displays had the quilts pictured above. I am always drawn to a crazy quilt. This one was made from wool pieces. I love to look at the embroidery stitches the quilter used on the edges. This quilt was very worn, especially on the edges.

8-Point Star

I really liked this 8-point star quilt. Out of all the quilts I saw today, this one was my favorite. I rarely purchase a complete quilt from an antique store but I love to look at them and rub the fabrics between my fingers.

Dresden Plate

This Dresden also caught my eye when I ran across it. The tag said it was made from flour sacks but I don’t think so. The fabric didn’t feel like flour sack material and while flour sacks are colorful, I don’t remember them being this bright. Each Dresden plate was held down with a hand sewn blanket stitches.

Bow-tie Quilt

As I got closer to the door, I saw this beautiful bow-tie quilt hanging over a rocking chair. It was a scrappy bow-tie. The quilting was hand-stitched and I liked the simple circles on each block. This was a well loved quilt as the binding edges were quite worn.

I would have loved to run across some quilt blocks or some miscellaneous sewing attachments but it was fun to look at all the little treasures. Maybe the next time I visit an antique store I will get lucky and find a treasure to bring home. Happy Sewing all!


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