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Is A Bluprint Subscription Worth It?

With all the free youtube videos and articles available on the internet these days, is a subscription to a site like Bluprint really worth it? Before I answer that question, let me share my personal experience with it.

I am in my second year of having a one year paid subscription. I originally started with Craftsy which became Bluprint. I have really enjoyed having access to a multitude of videos I can watch as many times as I want during my subscription. Most of what I watch centers around quilting and bag making, however I have watched some of the crochet and knitting classes. There are many other craft/hobby classes like photography, cake decorating, flower arrangements, woodworking, fitness, paper making, jewelry making and many more. Something else that I really enjoy that Bluprint started about a year or so ago, was giving us three “Own Forever Classes” every three months. (the three classes every quarter are with the one year paid subscription) These are mine to keep and will still be available even if I choose not to subscribe in the future. I am growing quite the collection. I also like the “quick links” when I only have a little bit of time and want to read one of the articles.

With my Bluprint subscription I also receive early access to upcoming sales. So far whatever I’ve wanted to order has been available because I get in before the online crowds. I like savings and often look at what’s available in the clearance section. I often can make a quilt for less than $40 dollars doing it this way. But because I shop the clearance, the supplies are limited. Hence, why I like getting early access.

Another bonus is I receive is 15% off any item that I order. That’s whether its on sale, clearance or at regular price. And because of my membership, shipping is free! Did I mention that shipping is fast! I ordered something this past Saturday night and I received my package on Tuesday morning. Wow, can’t beat that!

Customer service is responsive as well. I had to contact them once as there was a glitch in the system that day and I was unable to receive a sale price. I emailed their customer service and received a response in less than 24 hours. I was also able to get that sale price on my item and they apologized for the inconvenience.

So to answer the question is a Bluprint Subscription worth it? Yes, I believe it is money well spent!

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