My She Shed – The Sewing Table and Chair


For many years my sewing room was my kitchen table. I didn’t have a dedicated room. I was younger at the time, and could sit at a taller table and on a hard wooden chair without too many problems. These days I am blessed to have a spare bedroom that I’ve turned into my sewing room.

I realize that what is comfortable and what is important is subjective to the individual sewing. I would like to spend the next few posts talking about the items I put into my sewing room that have made it more efficient, more comfortable and made me a better quilter.

After sewing on kitchen tables and then onto desks I finally decided I wanted some kind of cabinet that was at a height comfortable for my back and shoulders. I also needed a chair that was adjustable in height, sturdy and comfortable. So I started my search. My budget was limited so I began my search at second-hand stores and on Facebook Market Place. The first item I found was a chair. Actually, I found two and brought them both home to test and see which was best. The one I decided to keep cost me $7 and I sold the other one on Market Place. It took a few more months before I was able to find a cabinet and when I did I felt I’d hit the jackpot.

undefined I found this on Market Place and the seller was asking $180 for it. I offered $150 and was very pleased when she accepted my offer. It had been her mother’s and she was happy that another quilter was going to use it. I love my table because it can fold down to this size or open up and spread out. I have drawers and shelves for storing my threads, needles and sewing feet. And most importantly it is more comfortable for my neck and back. What a difference this has made in my ability to Free Motion Quilt and to sit and sew for extended periods of time. I’ve really learned the value of having the right tools in my she shed sewing room.

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