Fabric Storage

I believe one of the hardest things for me to figure out has been ways to display and store my fabric in my space. I know there are some quilters that put their fabric on comic book cardboard savers which looks beautiful but I just don’t have the time to fold all my fabric up that way at this time.

Others store their fabric and sewing items on book shelves and/or shelving. I do like this idea as it allows me to have a good visual view of my items when I’m wondering if I already have a certain color or item. The only draw back I can see from this type of storage on fabric is if I don’t use it quickly it will collect some dust as it sits there. I do have some shelving I picked up at a garage sale and I use it for my fat quarters, pre-cuts and scraps I store in clear plastic shoeboxes. I try to organize my shoeboxes by color making it much easier for projects involving appliqué.

Last but not least . . . Due to the large fabric collection I have, I use clear plastic totes for my large pieces of yardage and for my various collections. Some of my favorites are reproduction 30s fabric and the “Kansas Troubles” by Moda. I try to purchase the medium size totes and stack them with the least likely to use on the bottom and the more commonly used towards the top. I’ve learned over the years that buying the larger totes allows me to pack more fabric but makes them too heavy to lift up and down from the stack.

For my current projects, I like to use the clear scrapbook bins. Clear as it makes it easier to see what I’m looking for at a glance and the bins are stackable. These bins are handy for my finished blocks as well as pieces that are cut waiting to be sewn.

So now you have it. These are the ways I organize my fabric in my sewing room. Leave me a comment about your successful ways to organize and store in your sewing space. I would love to hear from you!


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