Creating With Electric Quilt 8 On Your Computer

EQ8 first project

Creating with Electric Quilt 8 makes designing quilts so much easier than I expected.

As a quilter, I have often played wth fabric scraps to create a quilt.  A friend knowing that I liked to do this suggested I purchase Electric Quilt 8 software.  I’m the type of person that likes to check things out before investing money into them.  So I read some reviews, watched some youtube videos, looked over the EQ website, and even looked at what other quilt creating software was available for use.  After all my research, I pulled the trigger and purchased this program

Electric Quilt 8 is available for Windows and Mac computers.

I’m running this on a MacBook Pro.  After downloading my software and installing it I looked around the Electric Quilt website at what was available for my program.

I noticed there are several “add-ons” available for purchase that will expand my quilt block and fabric library.


EQ8 Installation process
Installation of EQ8
EQ8 Manual
Website manuals for EQ8


First items I downloaded were the “Quick Start Guide” and the “Reference Manual.”

. . .And while I was chomping at the bit to create something with my Electric Quilt 8,  I continued looking around on EQ8’s website to see what free downloads were available.  There was actually several projects and fabrics for me to download.  I love freebies!  Another great area to look for freebies and to learn what this software can do it to read through the blog.  There’s even a sew- along that started at the beginning of the year.

If you are self-motivated, there are several ways to learn how create with Electric Quilt 8.

Lessons for Electric Quilt 8
Screen Shot of Learning Lessons for creating with Electric Quilt 8

With lessons from Yvonne and Lori available not to mention some of the great quilters that share youtube videos teaching various features I’m excited about what I will eventually be able to do with some practice.

After checking out the EQ website, I went back to my program and started with the first lesson under the lesson’s tab.  Above is a screen shot of the quilt the lesson walks you through to create.  Below is a screen shot of the grid you can use to drop quilt blocks into for your design.  I can use one of the installed blocks (and there are many to choose from) or I can create my own.

Block creation
Screen shot of creating my block with Electric Quilt 8

I found the program user friendly and well laid out.

Just taking time to walk through that first lesson offered made it so I could play around and make my own layout.  I call this one directional stars.

Creating with Electric Quilt 8
My 1st try at creating with Electric Quilt 8.

After coming up with my blocks and color layout I tried to print everything out.  Wouldn’t you know it, my printer was low on ink and made it hard to see what I printed.  Because of that, I checked into making a PDF file and did a search to find out what program I needed for MAC in order to make a PDF.  I do hope to make this quilt at some point and hope that it’s as fun to make as it was to design.

Because I ran into a couple of hiccups, I will need to learn more about choosing the block size and how large I want to make a quilt.  Right now, I know just enough to make a quilt top picture however I found the cutting sizes of the pieces for my quilt block were odd sizes and will not lend it’s self to using my AccuQuilt dies.  I’m learning it’s important to plan the dimensions.  This is my third day working with my program. To be very proficient in EQ8 I will have to work through lessons either through their online blog or by purchasing the workbook.

So, right about now, you may be asking what the features are with this software.


Here’s a list of EQ8 features:

  • Design quilts of any size. Start with a layout from the software’s library, or a pre-designed Quick Quilt project. You can also design your own layout from scratch.
  • Full drawing capabilities to create any block you want. Draw from scratch, use the built-in grids, or import a photo or sketch to trace over. There are more than 6,700 pre-drawn designs in the Block Library.
  • Scan and import fabric. Use the straightening, scaling and cropping tools to ensure your fabric looks as accurate as possible. The software also comes with 6,200 pre-loaded fabrics.
  • Print patterns for your quilt blocks. You can print foundation patterns, templates, pictures of your blocks, and even rotary cutting charts.
  • Get yardage estimates for your quilt.
  • Export images to submit to print publications or share your designs on Facebook.

It is my hope, that as I learn more I can share tips and designs with my readers.  If you remember my post “Do You See The Pattern”,  I talk about seeing patterns in the things around us.  Very helpful when approaching the idea of creating a quilt.

I am very impressed with EQ8.  I highly recommend it.  I appreciate you stopping by my blog.  Happy creating!

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