Stocking The Sewing She-Shed

I started sewing with my grandmother when I was about 8 years old. It was difficult to reach the treadle so I would sit on the edge of the chair and stretch myself to make it run. All these years later I am blessed to have my very own sewing room and several different machines from vintage to computerized.

Setting up your space and getting it organized and stocked takes some time, money and trial and error. I hope to share with you some wonderful items that are available as well as projects along the way.

A very important item every sewist needs is lighting. If you are blessed enough to have recessed lighting through out your area then that’s wonderful! In my case I have several different sources as the center of the room light fixture does not give off enough light.

I’ve found that LED lighting is very useful. If you’ve not checked this out I encourage you to visit your local fabric store or if you prefer arm-chair shopping Amazon has many choices. Ottlite is a very popular brand.

Another area that many of us over look is our sewing machine harp (middle area of machine). I installed a LED Strip Light on my Juki TL-18 QVP which helped provide lighting right where I’m sewing.

I also use a LED floor lamp that throws a lot of light all over my room. I hope one day to put over head ceiling lights in but until then, these all work well for me.

Thanks for visiting my blog.

P.S. If you have some lighting suggestions that you’ve found work well for you, please be sure to share them in the comments section.




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